Who can believe I Love To You was nearly a month ago? This was such a great morning. Thanks again all for your participation, energy and conversation the morning of Valentine’s Day.

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Learn to Edit Pre-session

There is a pre-session for interested participants who haven’t had much experience editing Wikipedia and would like to learn the basics before hand. This workshop will be held Friday, Feb. 13 from 2-4pm in the UW Research Commons, Green A.

Why I Love To You?

I love to you means I maintain a relation of indirection to you. I do not subjugate you or consume you. I respect you (as irreducible). I hail you: in you I hail. I praise you: in you I praise. I give you thanks: to you I give thanks for … I bless you. […] The “to” is the guarantor of indirection. The “to” prevents the relation of transitivity, bereft of the other’s irreducibility and potential reciprocity. The “to” maintains intransitivity between persons, between the interpersonal question, speech or gift: I speak to you, I ask of you, I give to you (and not: I give you to another). The “to” is the sign of non-immediacy, of mediation between us.

~ Luce Irigaray. I Love To You: Sketch of a Possible Felicity in History. Translated by Alison Martin. Routledge: New York, NY. 1996. pp. 109-110.